Medical Billing And Coding Jobs

by Karen on March 2nd, 2012

Are you looking for a new career? Would you like to have the skills and the opportunity to work from your home if you choose to do so? Are you interested in getting into a fast growing field that is in high demand in today’s competitive job market?

Then the field of Medical billing and coding may be right for you.

You might be wondering what kinds of jobs and career opportunities you can find in the field of Medical billing and coding. And it is important to know what kind of opportunities you can expect with medical billing and coding jobs before you invest your time and money in school and training.

The good news is that medical billing and coding jobs are numerous and you will have the opportunity to work in a number of different settings. Almost every medical facility, including hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, rest homes and rehabilitation centers, physical therapy clinics, private practices, insurance companies and outsourcing agencies, all have a need for medical billing and coding professionals. In fact, virtually any type of medical providing facility will need a way to handle their medical billing and coding and the opportunities for medical billing and coding professionals are vast.

Medical Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

While medical billing and medical coding can be classified as different positions, typically a medical billing and coding professional will handle both jobs. Some facilities prefer to hire in-house and have an employee that works for them in the office while many others actually hire independent contractors to complete the work. In the case of being an independent contractor, medical billing and coding professional will have the opportunity to starting your own medical claims processing business or wherever else they may see fit.

The skills needed for medical billing and coding jobs would include a solid knowledge of computers and certain software programs. The majority of the work in medical billing and coding jobs is performed electronically and records are kept on computers. Computers have dramatically improved the efficiency of the medical billing and coding jobs and this enables doctors and medical providers to get paid faster and easier than ever before.

But this new efficiency also requires highly trained professionals to take over the medical billing and coding jobs. In addition to being computer literate, the medical billing and coding professional must have an extensive knowledge of medical terminology. Many medical facilities, especially those in specialty fields, will use a standard of codes (Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code) that are repeated quite often. You may only use certain terms and codes regularly if you work within a specialized field, however, a broad knowledge of medical terminology is preferable and most of this will be learned in the initial training and some of the terminology will be learned in on the job training.

Medical billing and coding jobs offer wonderful opportunities with room for growth and diversity. You can work for a facility or an institution as an employee or you can also start your own freelance medical billing and coding business and work from your home. The need for medical billing and coding professionals is expanding and continuing to grow as the healthcare industry changes and expands with the changing population. You can also find entry level medical billing and coding jobs in all 50 states.

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  • Salary For Medical Billing

    Starting salaries are commensurate with experience and training. It is also very dependent upon the type of facility that you choose to work in. A hospital may offer a great opportunity for advancement within the facility while a small doctor’s office may offer opportunities to expand your responsibilities.

    There has also been a significant rise in outsourcing for medical billing and coding jobs recently. If you are the type of person who is self-motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit , if you have great organizational skills with accuracy and a good attention span for details, there are some great opportunities for you to build your own medical billing and coding business from your home by getting assignments from different facilities and doctors. The work is plentiful and if you are self-motivated enough to ask for the business you can build a successful medical billing and coding business right from your own kitchen table. You will need a newer and dependable computer with an Internet connection and you will also need to invest in the appropriate medical billing and coding software. A fax machine may also be helpful but you may be able to just send everything via the Internet.

    There are many wonderful opportunities for medical billing and coding jobs and the flexibility and potential for growth is such that it makes the field appealing for anyone who wants to get a great job in the medical field or who is re-entering the workforce.


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