Medical Billers

Medical billers and coders correspond in between medical offices, patients, and insurance firms. Find helpful information on cutting edge as well as knowledgeable medical billers.

Medical Billing Business Plan

October 22, 2011

Setting up a home office and working from home can be a huge benefit for a medical billing and coding professional. Doctors are also finding this situation to be advantageous. The medical billing and coding professional can have all of the benefits of a home-based business, including setting their own hours, being around the home [...]

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A Brief Overview Of The Tasks Of A Medical Biller

October 3, 2011

The medical billing and coding professionals have the responsibilities of monitoring all the financial charts for the physician’s office, generating the maximum revenue and maintaining the financial stability of the doctor’s practice. Therefore, the medical and billing and coding personnel are essentially the main key for success for a medical practitioner. The medical billing and [...]

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Medical Billing Services

August 15, 2011

For health-related companies that prefer not to handle their own billing, there are online medical billing services available to do the job for you. Electronic medical billing services take that component off your plate, and it allows the staff to concentrate on what they do best and that is to provide medical care for your [...]

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