Medical Coder Continuing Education

by Karen on October 3, 2011

As a medical billing and coding professional it is important for you to be continuously improving and updating your professional knowledge. There have always been numerous continuing education opportunities for other medical professionals such as nurses but there have been fewer opportunities for the medical billing and coding professional.

Medical Coder

One reason for this is that many of the other medical professions require licensing and they must complete continuing education in order to renew their licenses. However, recently demand for quality continuing education units or CEU’s for medical coding professionals has increased the many medical practitioners are wanting to have a certified medical coder professional to help generate and increase revenues.

Acquiring enough annual CEU’s can be a challenge for the medical billing and coding professional. However, it is important for a medical biller and coder to be updated in their field. Therefore a professional medical biller and coder must look for opportunities to get their appropriate CEU’s.

Certified Medical Coder

Very often a medical coder will have more than one certification. This makes it much more difficult to complete all of the CEU’s that are required for each certification on a regular basis. It may be prudent to select just one or two of the certifications to renew and continue so that the CEU’s can be completed.

CEU programs for medical billing and coding professionals tend to be costly. If you are fortunate enough to have an employer who recognizes the importance of this continuing education you may be able to be reimbursed for part or even all of the cost, however, if you employer will not agree to this you must pay for the CEU’s out of your own pocket.

Often the CEU programs are held during work hours and one must also travel to the location. However it is possible to find some programs that are acceptable and even high-quality online. If you can complete your CEU’s online you can do it on your own time and the expense will be lessened because you do not have to travel. There are also some home-study courses that may work well.

Recap Of The Obstacles Associated With Acquiring Yearly CEU’s

Not Available - With increasing demands and with a lot of specialists inside the medical coding and billing industry having several qualifications and certifications and they have to acquire yearly CEU’s. Organizers and Internet based teachers tend to be hard pressed to meet the demand. There has to be new CEU workshops, seminars, and programs in any given year.

Too Expensive - CEU’s with regard to coders can be be extremely expensive and as a consequence too pricey for the common coder.

Employers Offer No Help - Employers neglect to acknowledge the importance of continuing education and do not offer continuing education.

To Far Away - The majority of training seminars and workshops that provide CEU’s in many cases are a long way away.

Certification and keeping up with your certifications is smart for the medical billing and coding professional. Your career opportunities really open up wide when you have the backing of a good certification behind you. CEU’s are necessary to continue to update your certifications.

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