Remote Medical Coding

by Karen on October 22, 2011

The advantage to a career in medical billing and coding is the fact that the work can be completed at a different facility than the doctor’s office, the hospital or other location. In fact in many ways it is even better to have the medical billing and coding at a remote location as that frees up more space for the healthcare needs.

In the age of fax machines and computers, the patient’s medical records can be faxed or scanned into a computer to be sent to the remote location where the medical billing and coding professional can use coding software to apply the appropriate codes and submit the claims to the insurance companies. Many medical professionals are now using this type of outsourcing. Many medical billing and coding professionals choose to start their own home-based business and there are also specialized coding companies that specialize in remote work. Most often these companies handle the many aspects of coding, billing and transcriptions along with other aspects of medical administration all at a remote location.

Outsourcing tasks that can be completed elsewhere besides the office is a popular trend in many businesses these days and medical billing and coding is one of the businesses at the forefront of this trend. Many medical practices and medical facilities are turning to this highly effective practice.

It reduces the overhead costs that come from having to hire and house employees. A business that hires in-house personnel must expend time, energy and resources to find and train that personnel. They must also provide space in-house to accommodate these workers. Hiring a professional can eliminate a significant portion of these expenses.

One more great thing is it can save office space. Office space is often at a premium in many medical offices. Completing the work in a different location allows the offices to use their space wisely for what they do best, which is providing healthcare for their patients. This allows the physician’s practice to be able to work in a smaller and less expensive location because they do not need the extra space to house the medical billing portion of the business.

Scheduling problems can also be eliminated by using these types of professionals. In the past if a medical facility did not have their own coders they would used outside coders who came into the office on an as-needed basis. It has eliminated the need for scheduling this type of medical coding. All that a person needs is an Internet connection and perhaps a fax machine. They can complete the work on their own time and return the completed work to the office in a timely manner.

The quicker turn-around time that can generally happen with this kind of medical billing can increase cash flow. The reduction in office costs along with the potentially quicker turnaround time from the insurance companies can be a boon for the medical professional.

The medical professionals also have access to a larger pool of coding professionals. Since they do not need to settle on having just one or two medical billing and coding professionals right in their own office, they can have a larger pool of expertise to choose from. This is also helpful in the case of employee leave. If one coder needs to take some time away from the work for whatever reason, another coder can take over for a short time without the hassle of trying to find temporary employees.

There are many advantages for both the medical professional and the medical billing and coding professional. Many people work as independent contractors, which allows them the freedom to have their own businesses and work as they wish.

The health care industry is always growing and the need for medical coders in on the rise. Outsourcing this important function is becoming a more popular option due to the advances in technology, which can save time, energy and money. Both medical professionals and medical coders would be smart to look into this outsourcing and remote medical coding in order to stay competitive in the healthcare industry.

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