Medical Record Documentation

by Karen on October 22, 2011

Every healthcare provide, whether they are a private practitioner or belong to a group of doctors or if they are affiliated with a larger healthcare network or hospital, will need to have some type of billing staff, either within their own office or through an independent contractor. Filing insurance claims and getting paid on healthcare claims is a complex process and the healthcare providers do not have the time or the expertise to handle these details. Their job should be to focus all of their energies on their practice and their patients and let someone else handle the financial details. This is where professionals must take over.

Insurance claims must be submitted in a timely manner. The claims must also include the specific codes for the specific treatments. After submission, the medical billing and coding professionals need to have a system to make sure that they receive payment in a timely manner. Insurance companies are notorious for putting off making the payments, for denying valid claims and more. The medical billing and coding professionals have the expertise to handle these delays and facilitate payments as quickly as possible so that the medical professionals can continue to serve their patients, knowing that their business is solvent.

Medical Record Documentation Guidelines

As there are always changes in the medical industry and the medical industry itself is on a growth curve, a career in medical billing and coding is a great career choice. Medical coding is an integral part of the health information management field and it is a growing industry. In fact according to recent research published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, health information management is currently one of the top 20 career options.

An advantage to medical billing and coding is that there are jobs in doctor’s offices, hospitals and health conglomerates but medical billing and coding is also a job that can be completed at home. It is possible to start your own very successful medical billing and coding business right from your own home. This makes it a great option for moms who would like to be home with their children or others who may prefer to work from home.

If you are not interested in running your own business but would still like a great job in the medical billing and coding industry, you can always go to work for a big healthcare concern. There are various opportunities within small offices to large healthcare concerns. Many of the multinational companies prefer to hire certified experts with 2 years experiences or more. However, these medical billing and medical transcription companies tend to offer a higher rate of pay with opportunities for advancement.

If you work within a small office or even a larger hospital setting, you may also be responsible for other office related tasks, such as scheduling patient appointments, answering the phone, consulting with insurance companies prior to treatments for pre-approval, filing patient records, mailing letters and correspondence, creating reports and other office tasks.

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