Medical Billing Software

by Karen on August 13, 2011

Medical billing software is computer-based application that manages the financial and administrative functions of healthcare organizations. The software program includes patient management, scheduling and reporting, billing and collection, insurance and patient coordination, and billing statements.

Decent medical billing software can also be customized, allowing the user to set additional protocols and features and will have an element of expansion if the billing needs increase.

When considering the purchase of medical billing software, there are a few things to consider and some basic questions to ask. It is important to know what forms the software system supports. Not all software packages support all forms and some software is not customized to use certain forms that are not included in the original package.

Another question to ask is if the software package can support billing durable medical equipment. Durable medical equipment is the term used to describe medical equipment used in the home to offer a better quality of living and includes oxygen tents, iron lungs, catheters, CPAP, wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Other considerations will include whether the system is an on premise or web based system. If it is an on premise system, the software is only available from the computer or server where the program is uploaded. If it is web based, the software is available through the Internet and is available to anyone who has log on privileges.

Medical Billing And Coding Software

Probably the top consideration is if the software is easy to learn and easy to learn. Most people that learn how to use a software program are not computer or software specialists. If they were computer specialist, they most likely would not be learning how to use a medical billing program. Medisoft medical billing software is just one well-liked software on the market below is a small list of medical insurance billing software.

  • Allscripts EHR – Provides a billing application as an element of Allscripts PM, their practice management system. It includes an extensive group of billing functions and integrates with their very own clearinghouse which is the 3rd biggest in the nation.
  • PriceDemoCareTracker – web based medical billing software can be bought as a stand-alone program or even coupled with scheduling as a practice management system. This software can be utilized by just about any size or kind of medical center, which includes community care facilities.
  • PriceDemoAllegianceMD – An Internet-based program providing billing, scheduling and medical records functions. The program is different because it is accessed over the web by way of a internet browser. Well suited for smaller sized practices.
  • PriceDemoMedLedger – An incorporated EMR and practice management program created especially for the requirements of small practices. MedLEdger’s designers state that it is the most affordable as well as complete EHR with ONC/ATCB accreditation.
  • PriceDemoThe Digital Office – It is intended especially for smaller chiropractic professionals and physical therapists. Along with support for UB-04 and CMS-1500. It could be coupled with scheduling and EON Systems EHR.
  • Free Medical Billing Software

    The cost of the medical billing program is a consideration as well as if it is an ownership based purchase or a leasing program. I don’t know if you will find any free but you will find cheap medical billing software. Then there is the question of what the cost covers. Does it cover installation and set up as well as an initial training program? Does it include updates? Does it include technical support services? Is the program licensed based, meaning the license mandates the number of computers it can be installed on or the number of users at one time if it is a server based program.

    Some medical billing software companies will develop a software system based on the facilities criteria. It is unique in design for that one facility and will include all the elements necessary to make the billing system efficient.

    The software developer will audit your current billing system and help determine the billing needs based on the audit and the needs expressed by the staff. The software developer will also make suggestions for billing options that may be considered in the future.

    The software will be developed according to the operating system and being used and will also allow expansion of the program to accommodate future growth. The software developer will also instruct the staff how to use the software and include technical support for some specified amount of time following installation.

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