Medical Billing Services

by Karen on August 15, 2011

For health-related companies that prefer not to handle their own billing, there are online medical billing services available to do the job for you. Electronic medical billing services take that component off your plate, and it allows the staff to concentrate on what they do best and that is to provide medical care for your patients.

The advantage of using a service such as National medical billing services is they take on the billing and claims and sometimes the collections for your office. The medical billing services submit claims to insurance companies and Medicare and to the patients when appropriate. The billing services will follow up on any claims and answer billing questions.

Medical Billing Services Fees

Medical insurance billing services are charged in one of two ways. The client is either billed a flat rate or a percentage of what is billed or collected. A flat rate is negotiated and mandated by contract for an agreed upon duration such as a year or a multi year time frame. The percentage is also negotiated and mandated by contract for an agreed upon duration such as a year or a multi year time frame.

Medical billing services are billing specialists and have the ability to streamline any billing method. They also have the necessary experience to work with multiple carriers and providers. Medical billers usually have the latest and greatest software and hardware to perform medical billing as efficiently as possible and have safeguards in place to protect patient data and proprietary information.

Utilizing medical management billing services eliminates the need for a billing staff and the time it takes to train someone when an employee moves on to another job, takes a leave of absence or goes off on vacation. Using medical billers will help overhead by reducing operating costs. Another positive to using medical billing services is your office staff and colleagues will not know the revenue being generated by the company.

Choosing A Medical Biller

An efficient and excellent medical biller may even increase your income by reducing and even eliminating claim denials and actively pursuing those who owe money. They will work on bringing in the money while you concentrate on running your business. Using electronic methods, billing will be done in a more timely and efficient manner.

Medical billing software programs have stop gaps in place to identify errors, allowing the biller to revise the errors before the bills are sent out. By using a shared system, the medical office staff can handle the patient management aspect of the business while the medical biller handles the financial end of things.

Before choosing a medical biller, interview all candidates, ask about their medical billing services fees. Make sure the candidate can cover all your billing needs, no matter what they are. Ask for references and speak with companies that have used or are using their services. Check the BBB, or better known as the Better Business Bureau, and find out if they are a member in good standing and have an acceptable rank. Check for complaints filed against them. Keep in mind, all businesses will have complaints filed against them. The key is how they handle and resolve complaints.

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